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Artist Statement-

My artwork engages nostalgia as a way of challenging and understanding the relationships in our lives by dissecting memory, communication, and the home. Out of wood, metal, resin, and other materials, I craft objects that tie together contemporary art practices and styles or designs which impacted my life growing up. This includes design ques from my grandparents, parents, and personal histories. Inspiration comes from objects and their functions, redundant or not. 


DIY (Do It Yourself) • Towson University, Towson, MD • March 2021-April 2021

Art in the Garden • University of Delaware, Newark, DE • April 2019

Towson University MFA Group Exhibition •University of Maryland, College Park, MD • September-October 2018

Multifarious: Artists in Flux • University of Maine, Orono, ME • Dec. 2016-Jan. 2017

Student Art Exhibition • John Cabot University, Rome, Italy •May 2017

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